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Stories are everywhere—written, spoken painted , or sculpted. We will take a look at them all, right here, each Monday.

Ohm Sweet Poem

I am constantly amazed by what I can find on the Internet. Last week I was cruising around and found a poem that is near and dear to my heart. The gentleman who operates the website gave me permission to reprint it here for my readers.

If you’re interested in other poems and songs about physics, check out


by Dr. James D. Livingston [1]

Free electrons of course have ability
To move to and fro with agility
But despite being swift
If there’s no net drift
It’s a clear exercise in futility

Yet all of this random activity
Gives a metal a special proclivity
To amperes provide
When volts are applied
With a property called conductivity

So a fellow named Ohm with felicity
Dreamed up a law of great simplicity
V equals I R
Is what made Ohm a star
It’s the basic law of electricity


[1] Permitted for use by:
Walter F. Smith
Paul and Sally Bolgiano Professor of Physics
Haverford College


Man vs. Machine

We have the technology in front of us; why would we not use it? Millions of people get to know whether or not it’s a ball or strike, yet the poor dude behind home plate is the one left in the dark. —Eric Byrnes

Tomorrow night—Tuesday, September 27, 2016—the idea of using a computer to call balls and strikes in a professional baseball game will be featured on HBO’s “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel”. Former major-leaguer (now turned broadcaster) Eric Byrnes has promoted the idea in three minor league games over the last two seasons with the San Rafael Pacifics team.

Photo of the Day 9/18/16

I used the Salvador 84 lens/Love 81 film/Apollo flash combination in the Hipstamatic app to take this photo. Additional edits were made within the app.


Drop the Burger

Go behind the scenes and see what is involved in creating a memorable food commercial.

Olympic Insights for the Rest of Us

Every Olympic event should include one average person competing for reference.
—Bill Murray

Mary Carillo is a former Professional tennis player who is now working as a sports commentator for a variety of networks. Her look at the sport of Olympic Badminton in 2004 has become a YouTube sensation for the past week.

In case you missed it, click on the video below.

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