52 Weeks Photo Challenge: Week 12 — Street

This week The Girl That Dreams Awake has challenged us to post a photo using the theme of Street.

Sooner or later, everyone has to pay The Man.


Shine a Light

…Has the sunshine or any other light source caused you to stop because it’s highlighting something you didn’t notice before? —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Sometimes you have to create your own reality. It’s not so much about thinking outside the box as it is about thinking outside the Box Factory.

Six Word Story Challenge: Heaven

Over at the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller blog, Nicola has challenged us to write a story in six words on the subject of Heaven.

Here is my entry:
Your smile is heaven to me.

sometime stellar storyteller

Finding Strength

In less than seven minutes an old sheriff teaches us a valuable lesson on fortitude and finding the strength to continue on through life’s challenges.

“Borrowed Time” is an animated short film, directed by Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj. You can watch the film below for a limited time.

You will probably enjoy watching this short video.

The emotions and feelings that come through this video are amazing. “Borrowed Time” has completely changed my view of animation and story-telling.

How about you?


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