A Piece of Work

The following posts contain true events, fictitious characters and memories that may—or may not—be entirely accurate. Time and personal prejudice have a way of coloring our recollection of the events of the Past. Given enough time and distance, details become blurred and up for debate.

What is more important, the lessons learned or the exact order of events? Can we take an experience out of our lives, mix it with that of another, and come up with a valuable piece of advice, or an entertaining story, that we can pass along to an audience at large? Is that an act of deception?

The following statement is true: The preceding statement is false.

Is there such a thing as true lies?

Names & places and descriptions of faces have been changed—or not. It is for you to decide what is real and what is fantasy.

I urge you to suspend your pre-conceived notions and enter the World of Construction with me. You will go to places that you never imagined and meet people that you won’t soon forget. Hopefully, you will end up with a new outlook about the people who do the work that provides the infrastructure for commerce, and society, to function. We are out there, just below your radar, every hour of every day.

I spent my entire career, 46 years, working in the Electrical Trade and that is the last true fact that I will admit.




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