iPhone Photography Tips

If you are an enthusiast of Mobile Photography, you will probably enjoy some tips on how to use your iPhone to make better photographs. Apple has put together 17 short videos to demonstrate features and techniques that can improve your skills and make your photos stand out.

Have you ever wondered how to take a long vertical shot of a tall building or tree? Watch and learn, Grasshopper.

Photo of the Day 5/12/17

I used the Lumière Lens, A-Type Plate Film, and Apollo Flash combination in the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone 7+ to take this photo. Further edits were made with the Luminar app.

Photo of a purple Dahlia.


For this week’s WordPress Photo Challenge I used the double exposure feature of my Hipstamatic app to make an other-worldly reflection.

Multiple exposure photo of a man running on a track.

Please bear with me today.  We have a power outage and I am doing this post on my phone.

The Wee Small Hours

It always starts for me with a disconnected thought in the wee small hours of the morning. When I still worked rotating shifts at the Golden Gate Bridge the minutes between 3 AM and 5 AM on Graveyard Shift were a veritable playground for half-remembered and mis-remembered truths, fantasies, and broken intentions. Six straight days of working Day Shift from 7 AM to 3 PM got us a day off and then back to work the following night from 11 PM to 7 AM for another seven straight days of the dreaded Graveyard.

My biggest challenge was the sixth and seventh days of that shift. By then it was hard to get to sleep during the day and difficult to stay awake at night. Concentrating on a task was difficult and the time between assignments was filled with jumbled thinking.

In 2004, on just such a night, an idea was born. April Fools Day was fast approaching and it seemed like just the time for some light-hearted humor in the workplace.

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