Fiction In 50: That Old Wives’ Tale

It is time for our monthly writing challenge over at Bruce’s website, The Bookshelf Gargoyle. This month’s entry takes a bit of a dark turn as random thoughts and memories collide in a combination of lost youth and tragedy.

Title: Shelter From the Storm
Word Count: 50

“It’s bad luck to open an umbrella indoors, Bobby.”

“Oh, Grandma!”

“Listen to your elders, now.”

“Did you know that it can also be bad luck opening one outdoors?”

“Don’t talk back.”

‘I’m just trying to prove a point.”

“And that would be?”

“1963. Below the grassy knoll in Dallas.”

fiction in 50

NOTE: “A person popularly dubbed the “umbrella man” has been the object of much speculation, as he was the only person seen carrying, and opening, an umbrella on that sunny day. He was also one of the closest bystanders to President John F. Kennedy when Kennedy was first struck by a bullet. As Kennedy’s limousine approached, the man opened up and lifted the umbrella high above his head, then spun or panned the umbrella from east to west (clockwise) as the president passed by him. In the aftermath of the assassination, the “umbrella man” sat down on the sidewalk next to another man before getting up and walking towards the Texas School Book Depository.” —Wikipedia

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