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Blast From the Past — 1937

This month I have gathered some news articles from the same year. We will take a look at the lighter side of life—and some gritty facts of life—in 1937. Today we have a Twofer, clips from two different newspapers, published three days apart at the start of the new year. The U.S. economy was stronger than…

San Francisco is one of the few cities that has all the energy, all the wealth, all the courage and all the ability that is needed to undertake and carry this project to success.
—Joseph Strauss, Chief Engineer of the Golden Gate Bridge, on May 16, 1924


Note: The Golden Gate Bridge opened to vehicular traffic on May 28, 1937

San Francisco is the only city I can think of that can survive all the things you people are doing to it and still look beautiful. —Frank Lloyd Wright

Leaving San Francisco is like saying good-bye to an old sweetheart. You want to linger as long as possible. —Walter Cronkite

Isn’t it nice that people who prefer Los Angeles to San Francisco live there?
—Herb Caen

December 4, 1978 — Following the murder of Mayor George Moscone, Dianne Feinstein becomes San Francisco’s first female mayor. 

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