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Nobody buys a farm based on whether they think it’s going to rain next year. They buy it because they think it’s a good investment over 10 or 20 years. —Warren Buffett, after purchasing an additional $75m worth of Apple stock in 2018, boosting his total stake in Apple to 240.3M shares

Rain usually makes me feel mellow: curl up in a corner time, slow down, smell the furniture. Today… it just makes me feel wet. What is it about owning things? Why do we feel the need to own what we love, and why do we become such jerks when we do? We’ve all been there, you

Grey Days

It was cold and raining in early January when I started this post, but something held me back from finishing it. Thoughts swirled around in my head, one leading to another, and another, and then one or two more after that.


…For this week’s challenge, explore the classical elements of earth, air, water, and fire…Take a moment to explore these elements, in or out of balance, together or individually… —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

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