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Who Are You?

Six photographers were invited to make a portrait of the same subject but they were each given different background information about him. To what degree is a photograph influenced by the pre-conceived ideas of the photographer? The answer may surprise you.  

Saving Time Daily

Back in the days when I worked for a living, the concept of Daylight Saving Time posed an unusual challenge twice a year at the Golden Gate Bridge. Think beyond the idea of sleeping in for an extra hour, or getting up 60 minutes earlier than the day before. Think about your clocks. Did you reset yours last…

The Walking Contest

The comparison between self and not-self, leads to thoughts about us and them. This short film does an excellent job of illustrating the need to identify and not compare. We are a lot more alike than we think.  

Deadly Accident

“As I was falling, a piece of lumber fell on my head. I was almost unconscious. Then the icy water of the channel brought me to.” —Slim Lambert, 26, Stripping Crew foreman 79 years ago today ten men left their homes and went to work on the Golden Gate Bridge with no idea that it would…

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