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August 9, 1945 — The 10,000 lb. plutonium bomb, Fat Man, was dropped over Nagasaki after the primary objective of Kokura was passed due to visibility problems. It killed an estimated 74,000 people. 

August 6, 1945 — Hiroshima, Japan, was struck with the uranium bomb, Little Boy, from the B-29 airplane, Enola Gay. The 9,600 pound bomb had

The Legacy of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

In 2012 I wrote a story about the U.S.S. Indianapolis delivering the components of the first atomic bomb to be used in warfare to the U.S. Army airbase in the Marshall Islands. The voyage from San Francisco to the islands was a success. The voyage home was a monumental disaster. Since my original post—inserted below—filmmaker, Sarah Vladic, has…

Thoughts In Passing

69 years and 3 days after the order to drop the atomic bomb was issued, Air Force captain Theodore Van Kirk died at the age of 93 in Stone Mountain, Ga. Mr. Van Kirk—everyone called him “Dutch”— was the navigator of the B-29 aircraft, Enola Gay, which carried out the bombing mission on the Japanese…

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