It’s OK to be a HADR

Karen Cage has informed me that, “… the non-profit San Francisco Fleet Week Association, is home to the nation’s first Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Response planning program, H.A.D.R., [which brings] city, state, federal, public and private companies/agencies together to improve our preparedness and coordination for the next disaster.” Karen is on the Board of Directors of the…

Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Signs

Found in the window of a Barber shop in San Antonio.

Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

Travel Theme Photo Challenge: Signs


Today’s Chuckle:

A guy walks into a Barber Shop and asks the barber, “Can you give me a hair cut like Michael Jackson’s?”
The barber says, “Sure, have a seat.”
The guy sits down in the chair and after a few minutes falls asleep. He wakes up when the barber taps him on the shoulder and says, “You are all done.”
The guy looks at himself in the mirror and his head is completely bald. He says to the barber, “I thought you said that you could give me a haircut like Michael Jackson’s?”
The barber says, “Yes, I did.”
The guy says, “Michael Jackson doesn’t have a haircut like this!”
The barber says, “He would if he came here and I gave him a haircut.”

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