Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

“Twist” is filthy with meaning: it’s the unexpected, it’s surprise, it’s even an amazing ice cream choice. What does “twist” mean to you? —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

Ahhhhh those were the days—the ones back when I had access to unique points-of-view.  Here is a twisted, fish-eye view from the secured beach of Fort Point, nestled beneath the engineered arch of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge.

Twisted View Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

Twisted View
Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

The Rabbit Whisperer

Help comes in many different forms—sometimes it has floppy ears and a fluffy tail. Here is an inspirational story about love, hope and the will to survive. Thank you, Marin Humane Society, for helping my friend Jeffrey.

Ride The High Country

“Every couple of months, 68-year-old Ed Zevely rides into the Colorado high country to camp for weeks at a time—and he does it completely alone. Through thunderstorms, open meadows and treacherous passes, he finds his own patch of serenity. Far from the modern world, it’s a place where the only goal is to move and…

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