WPC: A Good Day

“Show us what a good day looks like…” —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge We had a wonderful visit to Slide Ranch this Summer.   I used the Hipstamatic app (Chunky lens, Blanko Noir film combination) to take these photos except for image 003 where I used the Camera+ app to take the photo.  

Multiple Exposure

I have been experimenting with making multiple exposures in the Hipstamatic app and took this image at a recent San Rafael Pacifics baseball game. I used the combination of the Eric lens, Manneken film, and the Multiple Exposure pak. I also adjusted the exposure in Snapseed.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

“…this week, give us some heebie-jeebies!” —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge While in Atlanta I took a shortcut through a vacant building site and found clothing strewn about. The effect on me was unsettling—creepy—to say the least. I snapped a quick shot of these few items and quickly moved on. I used the Jane lens and…

Pen and Ink

Some people are saying that penmanship is a lost art, that it is not a necessary skill anymore. I can still remember learning Cursive Writing in Grade School. The handwriting charts above the blackboard, white letters on a green background. Each letter was machine-perfect. A lofty goal that few mortals would attain in their lifetimes.…