WPC: Landscape

For this week’s challenge, share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting. —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge It was a beautiful December day on Mt Tamalpais when I took this photo of the San Francisco Bay Area.

WPC: Around Midnight

“Share a photograph inspired by a favorite poem, verse, story, or song lyric. Bonus points if you share why the particular text resonates with you.” —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Three years ago tomorrow marks the anniversary of the start of the All Electronic Tolling program at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA. At Midnight…

WPC: Dance

bicyclists riding under the Golden Gate Bridge

“…share a photo of something that appears like dance to you…try to capture the rhythm in their movement.” —WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge Following a Graveyard shift one morning in 2014 I stuck around to take some photos of the bridge. This group of bicyclists rode together as if they were in a choreographed dance routine.  

Who Are You?

Six photographers were invited to make a portrait of the same subject but they were each given different background information about him. To what degree is a photograph influenced by the pre-conceived ideas of the photographer? The answer may surprise you.