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July 26, 1953 — A band of anti-Batistas revolted against President Fulgencio Batista with an unsuccessful attack on the Moncada

July 25, 1969 — A week after the Chappaquiddick accident that claimed the life of Mary Jo Kopechne, Senator Edward M. Kennedy pleaded guilty to a charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

July 24, 1969 — Apollo 11 splashes down safely in the Pacific Ocean.

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July 23, 1936 — Don Drysdale, pitcher (LA Dodgers, Cy Young Award 1962), was born in Van Nuys, Calif. 

July 22, 1933 – Aviator Wiley Post returns to Floyd Bennett Field in New York City, completing the first solo flight around the world in seven days, 18 hours and 49 minutes.

July 21, 1969 – At 02:56 UTC, astronaut Neil Armstrong becomes the first person to walk on the Moon.

July 20, 1969 — Apollo 11’s crew—Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin—make the first manned landing on the Moon in the Sea of Tranquility.

July 19, 1963 – Joe Walker flies a North American X-15 to a record altitude of 106,010 meters (347,800 feet) on X-15 Flight 90. Exceeding an altitude

July 18, 1969 — A car driven by Senator Edward M. Kennedy (D-Mass.) plunged off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island near Martha’s Vineyard. His passenger,

July 17, 1944 – Port Chicago disaster: Near the San Francisco Bay, two ships laden with ammunition for the war explode in Port Chicago, California, killing

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