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Lumps, bumps and triumphs along the Broad Highway

Dine One One

This story is from the Ohm Sweet Ohm Archives: I was near the end of my fourth year of apprenticeship in the Spring of 1972 and happened to be working on a re-model of the high school that I had graduated from just six years before.


Clean jokes are hard to find, so I will share this one with you.

Q: What hops around, leaves colored eggs and makes you sleepy?

A: The Ether Bunny.

Yes, I know, the reference to ether shows my age. Oh, well…

Happy Easter, everyone.

The Legacy of the U.S.S. Indianapolis

In 2012 I wrote a story about the U.S.S. Indianapolis delivering the components of the first atomic bomb to be used in warfare to the U.S. Army airbase in the Marshall Islands. The voyage from San Francisco to the islands was a success. The voyage home was a monumental disaster. Since my original post—inserted below—filmmaker, Sarah Vladic, has…

Allan G. Smorra

There have been some problems with a video link in my recent post, Piper. I have it working again if you care to go back and take a look at it.

Thanks for your patience,

Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.
—Robin Sharma

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