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In 2014 I retired after 46 years in the Electrical Trade. I spent my last 15 years working on the Golden Gate Bridge. Join me in this next phase of life as I write about, and photograph, the world around me.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Q: What does an acorn say when it grows up?
A: Gee, I’m a tree (geometry).

This week’s photo challenge is to take a photo of the “shapes and rhythms” that make up the geometry of our world. Well, Kiddies, I work at Ground Zero for Geometry. The Golden Gate Bridge is nothing but angles, slopes, curves and triangles and since geometry was my favorite subject in school, I am in Hog Heaven every day at work.

Below is a photo that I took at night with my iPhone4 and then edited in Snapseed.

Black and white night photo of steel beams and columns.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry
Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

Weekly Photo Challenge: Geometry

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Temptation

As a bridge electrician I had to learn to resist the temptation to step back and take a look at my work. In this photo I am standing on the Upper Chord, outside of the bridge, looking down at Ft. Point.

Looking down from bridge beam.

Bridge workers’ mantra: “Don’t step back to admire your work.”
Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Temptation

Story Challenge Letter: “R”

This week the letter “R” stands for Rust, which I encounter on a daily basis at work. The Golden Gate Bridge has been described as, “A ship in a sea of fog” and I agree with that observation.

The photo below shows a conduit on the South Tower Pier that we replaced because the coupling connecting the two pipes was rusting away.

rusted pipe

Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

Story Challenge Letter: “R”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

This week’s challenge is to find something foreign, “…things outside of or different from your normal environment, or even something which is out of place in general.” My entry this week is a look back at what we may now think of as a foreign concept: Nuclear-tipped missiles in the San Francisco Bay Area as…

World Series Sunset

Game 1 of the World Series was played in San Francisco last night (Go Giants!). During my break at work I went down under the bridge to take a quick photo of the crushed beam exhibit and instead I found a spectacular sunset in progress.

Two Cents Tuesday Challenge: Manipulation

This week’s challenge was inspired by, “…a recent photo challenge and a series of articles and discussions circulating about the validity of iphone photos as “real” art.” I will demonstrate how I manipulated a photograph into a featured image for a recent post.

I started with a photo from my iPhone

failed beam

Photo © Allan G. Smorra, All Rights Reserved

Smart Failure

“We spend our time responding rationally to a world which we understand and recognize, but which no longer exists.” —Eddie Obeng How do we keep up with a world that is changing faster than we can learn about it?

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