The great nonhuman world, which exists simultaneously within us and without, is governed by its own divine laws—laws which we are free to obey or disobey. Obedience leads to liberation; disobedience, to a deeper enslavement to misery and evil, to a prolongation of our existence in the likeness of angry apes. Human history is a record of the conflict between two forces—on the one hand, the silly and criminal presumption that makes man ignorant of his glassy essence; on the other, the recognition that, unless he lives in conformity with the greater cosmos, he himself is utterly evil and his world a nightmare.
—Aldous Huxley

  1 comment for “Quote of the Day

  1. alstacer
    November 23, 2019 at 10:55 AM

    The world is brave and new each day, each generation, each millennia. Thanks for sharing Mr. Huxley’s summary perspective.


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