Break a Date

This week I had the opportunity to offer my views on the Kissimmee Pak from Hipstamatic. This latest offering imprints a digital date on the photo and many people, myself included, didn’t like that feature. The majority opinion of the disgruntled users was that it would be nice to have an editing option to use or remove the date.

Lo and behold it turns out that Hipstamatic is a company that listens to its customers and values their input. Over the weekend they updated the film portion of the Pak and now new users can purchase the Pak and have the option to use/remove the date imprint when they edit their photos. Existing users, like me, can uninstall, then reinstall the film, and have the new version on their device. I found the process very easy and I am thrilled to have a choice when using the film now.

If you are into the Hipstamatic photo app I recommend a visit to Eric’s website. He has a plethora of information and examples from photographers around the world. I have utilized his website for the last 2 years to increase my understanding of how the Hipstamatic app works and to refine my photographic and editing techniques.

  2 comments for “Break a Date

  1. April 19, 2017 at 11:03 AM

    Good for you. Maybe Hipstamatic folks are in the Bay Area I’m emailing you proof or at least a fan.


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