Ohm Sweet Ohm


This week, appreciate the tiny things in life.
—WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

I carried a pair of 9-inch Klein side-cutting pliers every day for 46 years. They were an extension of my right hand whether I was twisting iron tie-wire or copper electrical wires. Some days they were used as a make-shift hammer. My pliers had a grip and heft that were unmistakeable and not easily confused for another man’s pliers. After awhile every journeyman gets to know their Kleins.

One year for my birthday my son (the Goldsmith) made a tiny pair of Kleins out of Sterling Silver for me. They were modeled after a pair that I had passed down to him years before. The pliers are monogramed, fully functional, and bring a tear to my eye whenever I look at them.

I still love my Kleins, but they never projected love back to me the way that these do.

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