Ohm Sweet Ohm

Ohm Sweet Poem

I am constantly amazed by what I can find on the Internet. Last week I was cruising around and found a poem that is near and dear to my heart. The gentleman who operates the website gave me permission to reprint it here for my readers.

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by Dr. James D. Livingston [1]

Free electrons of course have ability
To move to and fro with agility
But despite being swift
If there’s no net drift
It’s a clear exercise in futility

Yet all of this random activity
Gives a metal a special proclivity
To amperes provide
When volts are applied
With a property called conductivity

So a fellow named Ohm with felicity
Dreamed up a law of great simplicity
V equals I R
Is what made Ohm a star
It’s the basic law of electricity


[1] Permitted for use by:
Walter F. Smith
Paul and Sally Bolgiano Professor of Physics
Haverford College