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Fiction in 50 Reviewed

In 2015 I had an anthology in the works in the Fiction in 50 flash fiction challenge. Each month Bruce posted a short prompt and we composed a story of less than 51 words.

Here, then, is a look back at my effort to string a story together over the course of 5 unrelated monthly prompts, culminating in the Graphic Novel genre of storytelling.


Fiction in 50: A Dawning Realisation [sp]
January 2015



Title: Clueless
Word Count: 50

Chuck woke up face-down in the street. That was the problem with dreaming, eventually you wake up.

He made a quick inventory of body parts—head, hands, arms, legs, feet—they were all there and they all hurt.

What happened? Why me?

Because shit happens, and it happened to you.


Fiction in 50: Sincerely Yours
February 2015



Title: One Good Deed
Word Count: 50

Psycho Suzi stumbled out of the doorway of the Black Oak Bar and saw a man facedown in the street.

“Hey, you gotta get up. Hey, mister, yer blockin’ traffic.”

“Hey, mister…” Suzi rolled the man over onto his back. “Hey, buddy…..HEY, IT’S YOU. You owe me ten bucks!”


Fiction in 50: A Kernel of Truth
March 2015


Title: The Price of Knowledge
Word Count: 50

“Thanks for the payback,” said Psycho Suzi.

Chuck thought to himself that it was worth it just to shut her up.

“You look familiar, buddy,” said the bartender.

“I, I’m not sure why I am here.”

“Are you the guy on the news? The one that was in the explosion?”


Fiction in 50: The Trouble With _________
April 2015



Title: The Trouble With Memories
Word Count: 50

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Fiction in 50
April 2015
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Fiction in 50: A Contradiction in Terms
May 2015



Title: A Contradiction in Terms
Word Count: 50

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