The Bad Boys of Summer

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If you like baseball, and if you like documentaries, you might enjoy watching this video: Bad Boys of Summer.

From the website:

“Guards with semi-automatic assault rifles pace before the razor wire. Their eyes are trained on the men below: gangbangers, thieves, and murderers who converge on a dusty diamond inside the yard.

A man who killed his wife stands on the pitcher’s mound. A jailhouse gladiator squats behind the plate. A dope dealer turned preacherman coaches from the dugout. Behind the backstop, the Aryan Brotherhood, the Nuestra Familia and the Crips and Bloods look on.

This is San Quentin baseball.

Every spring 24 convicts taste the cool, crisp air of freedom. Not by stepping outside the prison walls, but by putting on a pair of spikes and picking up a glove. And for four months, they’re not just inmates they’re…ballplayers.

Bad Boys of Summer is a feature documentary that follows the charismatic coach of the San Quentin Giants through his final season with the prison baseball program, as he tries to change the lives of the men on his team. By peeling back the layers of their dark personal histories, he reveals their inner core as human beings. In the process, he gives a startling new face to our national pastime.”


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  2 comments for “The Bad Boys of Summer

  1. June 29, 2016 at 11:26 AM

    Is it on Netflix?


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