The Eyes Have It

Take your choice^ Wear your safety glasses^ Yo...Four years ago I had cataract surgery on both eyes and at that time my surgeon suggested that I wear sunglasses with polarized lenses when I am outside during the day. She said that my blue eyes are more sensitive to the light rays reflected from below.

My employer provides many articles of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including a variety of safety glasses, however polarized tinted safety glasses are not one of those items. I found a great pair of safety glasses in a local hardware store and have managed to  damage two pairs over the years (thankfully they did their job and saved my sight).

Last week I found out that my local hardware store was no longer carrying the Edge brand polarized glasses that I have worn so I started looking on the internet. I found that Safety Glasses USA carried the brand and style that I wanted AND they had my style in an XL (for fat heads like mine). I ordered a pair of glasses at 7 PM on a Tuesday night and had them in hand the following Friday afternoon via USPS shipping for $3.95.

The new glasses fit better than the previous pairs that I owned and I received a complimentary pouch/cleaning cloth with my order.

If you need safety glasses or sunglasses (there is a difference) I have no trouble recommending this company. They have a good choice at a fair price.

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